Child Welfare Nelspruit.

Our Services

Child Welfare SA Nelspruit provides assistance to vulnerable and at-risk children due to negative social factors such as abuse, neglect, social exploitation, abandonment, orphanhood, domestic violence, crime, divorce, chronic illness, poverty, alcohol and substance abuse, child labor, child trafficking, behavioral problems, etc.

We take pride in our commitment to the community. Social Worker services are provided to individual children and their families who experience serious social and emotional problems. This is conducted through preventative services as well as foster care supervision, family re-unification and adoption services.

Prevention services

Group work and community work programmes It involves: parenting skills, Awareness campaigns in schools, Awareness campaigns in communities, Mentor a girl and mentor a boy programme and Gender based violence domestic prevention programme.

Statutory Services

This involves the rescuing of children in potentially harmful family and social environments. It also includes transportation to a place of safety, hospitals for evaluation, medical specialist and psychotherapists in private practice. In some instances, the orphaned and vulnerable children have to be taken to specialized institutions – often outside of the province due to resources.

Early Intervention Services

All of our casework aims at preserving families. Identifying children in high risk circumstances and those at risk of harm, due to deliberate neglect and child abuse. Assess the impact of the abuse and neglect on the children’s wellbeing. Empower parents with skills through social work interventions , to better care for children to prevent removal. Referral to specialized therapeutic services. Group work at schools with children with uncontrollable behavior. Assist with new CSG grant applications and CSG grant transfer. Link clients to Home Affairs and make birth certificate applications for abandoned babies. When the circumstances are unbearable and it results in the child/children’s lives being at risk, we pursue with statutory services.

Continuum of care services/After care services

This type of services is usually provided to clients who have reached the age of 18 years , but still dependent on their foster parents for survival. We assist them with grant application beyond 18 years with DSD. Provide support and mentor them through career advice. Assists with University and tertiary applications. Motivate for the NFSAS funding. This service focuses on support until the child becomes fully independent.